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Day 1

Today I start “my 365 days with an mexican family project”.  I been looking at Will Linhbergh’s project Art Pants(http://www.artpants.com/) a lot lately and my friend Lardo gave me an idea for my blog called “365 days with an mexican”.  Anyways i will try to do my best to keep this project alive…

So I got a new camera today. A good way to start my new project. I picked myself up an D2h with an 35mm lens. Found a pretty good deal on craigslist so i picked it up. I was trying to take a picture of Andrew and he gave me the stink eye. I guess he didnt like me taking a picture of him…

Went to Target for some Hot Wheels hunting with Gigo and friend of ours Vlad….

On the way back home saw some great sunset and had to grab some pics

And for dinner had some grilled cheese sandwich w/ smoked ham. Made by Gigo himself…

Than he went and made himself this….


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