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Can’t dodge this

When we see an restored old skool cars, we get a sence of satisfaction. When we see an old skool car done with an modern touch like this 69 Dodge A100 van-truck, its like seeing Paris Hilton walk down rodeo drive holding on to her gucci bags. Its one of those rare moments we see an show ready car being taken out for a little drive down Malibu or little stroll to the local burger joints. I saw this truck park out behind Daglas in Woodland Hills and was just speechless.

The perfect drop with the beautiful two-tone yellow w/ glider and white paint.

Rocking the classic GT muscle car rims with Firehawk and Radial GT tires. (Couldn’t tell which brand they were haha)

Still keeping the old skool theme with the amazing two-tone paint job.

Keeping the interrior original another than the radio unit…

Little decoration with Rat Fink. If you are an old skool/muscle car guy or familiar with Moon Eyes, you would recognize this little guy right away.

To put the cherry on top of everything;  the matching colors on the seats and center console as the outside paint scheme.

This awesome Dodge A100 van-truck is an example of an perfect modern/old skool fusion. Its an rare thing but always an awesome site to see one of these cars out on the road other than sitting in a show. I did not know who the owner was of this Dodge A100 van-truck but I am truly sorry if you were keeping the car on the DL.


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